Company in design and production lifting systems

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The offered company is Dutch and the prices correspond to the Italian market and American market (United States of America). It designs and produces lifting systems that meet the highest industry standards, like spreader beams and lifting beams and below-the-hook lifting devices.

The company is the specialists supplier for all aspects of lifting equipment and industrial equipment. All of the lifting gear is correctly certified and meets all required European standards and the standards of US ANSI ASME Standard B30.20 for below-the-hook lifting devices, as well as complying with OSHA.

The production takes place in Italy - France. The sales offices are located in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). The production takes place also in America. The sales offices there are located in Jacksonville (Florida of United States of America).

The logistics Warehouses are mainly in Florida (but also in Australia, Singapore, Canada and South America). 

Industrial lifting sector.

The annual income and put € 20,000 annually, the annual costs are only € 4,000.

Number of FTE 
The company has no permanent employees. There are external payrolling companies used for the administration of the employees. 

Type of customers
Construction sector, naval, aerospace, transport and freight logistics.

Reason for sell
Covid-19 World Crisis

Offered shares
The current owner wishes to sell the company the fulll company (100%). 

Suitable for
The company is suitable for strategic buyers/financial investors. The company is as well suitable for entrepreunerial MBI candidates with knowledge of the sector.

The company on sale for € 50,000.


€ 20.000


West Nederland


Bouw & installatietechniek, Industrie & productie



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