Distributor of professional food service equipment solutions

Leading importer and sales agent in Europe of B2B foodservice equipment


The offered company is a food service equipment solutions in Belgium. The company is located in Flanders (mainly West-Flanders and East-Flanders). Own logistic and distribution department. The company has sales offices in several European countries

Reason to sell
The current owner wants to achieve company growth by selling a part of the shares.

Transaction form
The selling party points out to be open for as well 1) a shares transaction as well 2) asset transaction. This will be in mutual agreement. 

Suitable for
The company is interesting for strategic buyers/investors. The company is also interesting for entrepreunerial MBI candidates with knowledge of the sector. 


€ 5.000.000

Aantal Fte



Agri & food, Overig

Type Klanten

B2B en B2C



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