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The company joined the top-tier crypto-ecosystems in Europe. It has recently listed a unique exchange traded fund (ETF), issued by Leonteq Securities, Guernsey Branch on the SIX Swiss Exchange in Zurich. The ETF is a derivative instrument. It replicates the price movements in a dynamic, actively managed index, that invests in liquid markets worldwide, in particular physical gold and cryptocurrencies. The investment is in the ETF directly.

Blockchain-based digital assets backed by gold and other real-world scarce commodities are becoming increasingly appealing for investors looking to hedge their portfolios against weakening fiat currencies or regulation-bound stablecoins. While gold has long been seen and used as a hedge against inflation as well as a speculative investment choice, crypto assets are more recent entrants to the institutional investing landscape. The coronavirus pandemic has ravaged global financial markets leaving some businesses scrambling for scraps. This has essentially affected stock prices worldwide with all the leading indices plunging before performing a convincing rebound in subsequent months. This increased market uncertainty has led many investors to diversify their portfolio to traditional safe-haven assets like gold, which has since hit a new all-time high. This trend demonstrates how resilient the value of gold can be, even during a financial crisis.

The investment
The Investment Objective of the Index is to achieve capital appreciation of 10% to 15% per year and to outperform GSCI (Goldman Sachs Commodity Index) by regularly changing its components. There is, however, no guarantee that such investment objective is achieved. The index invests in futures markets worldwide and its components are selected according to the carefully selected criteria. The components are weighted as advised to the ETF-issuer by the Investment Committee of the Swiss International Assets index.

The Index universe consists of eligible components and may include Cash Instruments, Shares, Funds, ETFs, Futures, FX Forwards, Listed Options, Derivative Investment Products as determined by the ETF-issuer and subject to specified restrictions. 

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The offered stake is to be discussed.

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