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IoT specialist in energy monitoring and saving (Smart Building solution)

Products are in the market and electronics can be produced at anytime


The company is specialised in Internet of Thing (IoT) techniques, the products are mainly focusing on energy monitoring and saving, one base network can carry on more than 200 nodes via the Mesh protocol. It can be used for Smart Building and Smart Home.

Smart system
By using the company's system, you can deeply view where energy is being used, and how much is used at what time, meanwhile you also can remotely switch on and off any device via the Internet. The system consists of smart units and sensors, and works together with GreenSoter Cloud and mobile device App. 

Managing energy
The system can manage energy wirelessly with saving result about 30%. Except for energy management and saving, the system also can provide secondary smart security and fire-alarm services. 

Hardware and software
The products both hardware (electronics) and software (firmware, Cloud, app) are being developed for more than 3 years in different phase such as R&D, production and marketing, all the production tools are developed as well, now the products are in the market.

The products can be produced in factory, can be implemented in anywhere and anytime, can be sold immediately in the market with Dutch version, English version and Chinese version as well.

Reason for sell
The current entrepreneur wants to invest more time in other (business) activities. 

Offered share
The selling party wants to sell the full company (100%). 

Transaction form
The selling entrepreneur points out to be open to as well 1) a shares transaction as 2) a activa transaction. This will be in mutual agreement. 

The suggested price is € 350.000,-. 

Suitable for
This company is interesting for strategic buyers/investors. The company is as well interesting for entrepreneurial MBI candidates with knowledge of the sector. 

Aantal FTE
Midden Nederland
IT, online & e-commerce, Vastgoed