Partition screen expert with webshop

The worldwide leading brand in vehicle partitions screens


The selling company is the worldwide leading brand in vehicle partitions screens. The product is designed to shield the driver and passengers from each other to ensure their health and safety during a close contact journey.

The company has a worldwide network of customers in the taxi, ambulance, delivery and ride sharing industry.

Sales channels
The company sells the products via their own webshop, via registered reseller- networks and via direct sales channels.

The company developed her own product range and also resell other partition screen brands and related products. This makes them the one-stop-shop for partition screens worldwide. The company has build up a network of multiple manufacturing and sourcing partners with a strong logistics and supply chain network.

According to the company COVID-19 has permanently impacted the perspective on health measurements and the way people travel. Therefore partition screens will be the new standard in taxi’s, mini-buses and ambulances.

Reason for sell
The current entrepreneur wishes to spend more time at other (business) activities. 

Offered shares
The selling party wishes to sell the full company (100%). 

Transaction form
The selling entrepreneur prefers a shares transaction, in which you become shareholder of the current company. 

The estimated price is € 1.125.000.

Suitable for
The company is interesting for strategic buyers/investors. The company is interesting as well for entrepreneurial MBI-candidates with knowledge of the sector.


€ 1.300.000


EBIT € 350.000

Aantal Fte



Noord Nederland


Automotive, transport & logistiek, Overig

Type Klanten






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