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Polish staffing agency for Ukraine/India/Bangladesh workers

Staffing blue collar employees in Poland


The company is a Poland based temporary staffing provider that is active since 2015. The  company’s main activity is temporary staffing for blue-collar positions in Poland with foreign employees. In addition to recruitment, employment and payroll activities related to regular temporary staffing services, the company delivers its clients a full service, including the organization of work permits, transport of employees to Poland and to the client, and housing for the employees.

The company is dedicatedly working with foreign employees for clients in Poland. The majority of the employees currently come from the Ukraine, with an increasing number of employees coming from India and Bangladesh. Despite being on the market for a relatively short period, the company has a well-known brand name.

Software systems
Anticipating - and showing - exceptional growth from the very beginning, the company has invested early on in one of the leading software systems available in Poland. Clients are serviced through on-site offices, currently 9 in total, spread-out over the whole of Poland.

The company’s client portfolio is mostly comprised of companies employing large number of (temporary) staff. No client is so important that it constitutes an existential risk for the company in case cooperation would be terminated.

Business model
The more complex business model with foreign employees enables the company to operate with significantly higher gross margin and profitability levels than traditional staffing companies that work with local employees.

International player
The two owners (50%/50%) are convinced that teaming up with a large international player will strongly increase the company’s competitive strength necessary for the next stage of development; Hence their interest in a (partial) sale.

Reason for sell
The current entrepreneur wants to find a (strategic) partner for further growth of the company.

Offered interest
The selling entrepreneur wants to align with the buying party what share exactly will be sold. 

Transaction form
The selling entrepreneur points out that he is open for as well a 1) share transaction as a 2) asset transaction. This will be in mutual agreement. 

€ 18,000,000
Aantal FTE
Niet locatie gebonden
Zakelijke dienstverlening
Type klanten
B2B en B2C