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Self Driving PSA Solution focused on SMB

Looking for growth capital


Finding a Blue Ocean is a rare phenomenon these days. Sometimes it makes you wonder if there are still new seas to sail. Luckily, tech companies such as Snapchat, Uber, HubSpot, Adyen, Trello and many more have proven that there’s always a Blue Ocean to find. All these companies have created a huge advantage in focusing on a specific target group. In the years to come, PSOhub aims to shine amongst this list of companies by focusing on a Blue Ocean with little to no competition. Building an Unparalleled Advantage is our Main Goal.

The idea for PSOhub came to life in the early days of 2019. Now, almost a year later, four Tech Entrepreneurs have committed themselves to create an Innovative, Smart AI Solution Dedicated to Small Businesses in the Professional Services Industry. Each of the four shareholders brings extensive experience in establishing, leading and growing a successful International Tech Company. The shareholders have significant ‘skin in the game’ and will invest heavily; by July 2020, the investment will exceed 1,5 million euros. This investment will go to Research and Development (50%), Self-Driving on Boarding (25%), and Sales & Marketing activities (25%).

To ensure the rapid growth of PSOhub (by 2024, a Recurring Revenue of 5.8 million euros with an EBIDTA of 3 million euros) we believe that an additional investment of 1.5 million euros is necessary. We offer you a chance to join us in our journey to success and invest in PSOhub. With an expected ROI of 400%, a very experienced management team, and finally a clear exit strategy, this is your Blue Ocean opportunity.

Revenue and EBIDTA based on projection by 2024.

Offered share
The selling party wishes to sell a minority share of the company.

Transaction form
The selling entrepreneurs prefers a transaction share, on which you become shareholder of the current company.

Suitable for
The company is interesting for strategic buyers and investors.

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IT, online & e-commerce
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