Technological company in the semiconductor industry

Technological company in the semiconductor industry


The offered company (scale-up) is an OEM-company in the semiconductor industry and develops and builds high-tech machines. The company has two branches (in Europe and Asia) with a strong global market position in this growing and innovative market.

The activities of the company can be divided in three categories. The first category is the development and construction of high-tech machines and tools. Secondly, the company offers consultancy and on-site services to its customers. The third category contains the manufacturing and delivery of spare parts.

Looking for
In order to finance further expansion and future growth, the company is looking for an investor who will contribute expansion capital in the course of a loan. However, a participation is also negotiable.

Reason to sell
The current entrepreneur wishes to finance the growth of the company by selling a part of the shares. 

Offered share
The selling entrepreneur wants to adjust in mutual agreement what is being sold exactly. 

Transaction form
The selling party is open to as well 1) a shares transaction as 2) an asset transaction. This can be discussed in a mutual consultation. 


€ 1.800.000


EBITDA € 550.000

Aantal Fte



Locatie anoniem


IT, online & e-commerce, Industrie & productie

Type Klanten






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