A top 10 provider of internet hosting services in Thailand

Thai internet hosting provider a top 10 provider of internet hosting services in Thailand. Come with the selling party in contact via Brookz


€ 326.000


EBITDA € 99.000






IT, online & e-commerce


B2B en B2C






The company is a top 10 provider of internet hosting services in Thailand. It is a leading provider of premium hosting solutions, specialized in Virtual Private Servers (VPS). To ensure minimal latency, the company owns and operates 34 servers in Bangkok. The company sets itself apart from the competition by offering a premium package. Its dedication to stability, speed, reliability, and customer service makes it the top-rated provider in Thailand. The company has successfully invested in online marketing to position itself as Thailand’s number one premium hosting provider. As a result, its brand recognition and sales are continuously increasing. The support team is locally based to provide dedicated customer service.

The company has over 800 active and 15.000 non-active customers. Customer retention is very strong, on average more than 2 years (and increasing).

Investment opportunity

  • Acquiring the company offers the opportunity to access (or expand in) the rapidly developing Thai market for internet services. The company can also serve as a gateway into other South East Asian markets, such as The Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Cambodia.
  • CAGR over the period 2015-2019 was a very robust 15%.
  • With Thailand fast developing a sophisticated digital economy, demand for premium hosting services is likely to rise further.
  • The company is well-positioned to handle faster growth. Server capacity can be doubled with minimal investment while keeping operational costs at current levels.

In 2019 total revenues were 10 million baht (THB). For 2020 revenues have grown by 21% to THB 12.1 million. EBITDA was THB 2.8 million in 2019. In 2020 EBITDA is expected to rise to THB 3.7 million – an increase of 32%. Both turnover and EBITDA are expected to grow by ±20% in 2021. The solvency rate is high, at 87%. Customers pay in advance and in an automated manner, resulting in a very healthy cashflow.

Reason to sell
The owner wants to sell the company because of personal conditions.

Suitable for
The company is interesting for strategic buyers/investors. The company is interesting as well for entreprenerial MBI-candidates who have knowledge of the sector. 

Stake offerd
This information has been prepared for the possible contemplated sale of 100% of the shares in the Company.

Transaction form
Shared transaction.

Next steps
Following a notification of interest, an NDA will be signed, and an IM is available. 

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