HerikVerhulst assisted I-Deal Development in advising Alan Allman Associates in the acquisition of Data eXcellence B.V.


HerikVerhulst assisted I-Deal Development in advising Alan Allman Associates in the acquisition of Data eXcellence B.V.

Alan Allman Associates (AAA) is an ecosystem of strong brands created by its founding president Jean-Marie Thual. Specialist in the digital transformation of businesses, this multi-brand ecosystem focuses its strategy around 4 business areas: high-tech consulting, industry consulting, strategy and management consulting, and digital marketing.

Founded in 2009 in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands, Data eXcellence B.V. is a company specializing in data migration, data quality improvement, verification and reconciliation.

Data eXcellence B.V. works for banks, insurers, pension funds, government, education, industry and public sector companies. Around 30% of the company’s sales are made internationally, particularly in Switzerland, Germany and Iceland.

This merger will allow Alan Allman Associates to set up a powerful and structured back office to ensure the continuity of the company’s organic growth, associated with external growth operations. The second part of this strategy is to make DX the leader and forerunner of AAA’s new acquisitions in the Netherlands, a country where the ecosystem was not yet present.

The I-Deal Development team advised Alan Allman Associates exclusively on all stages of the acquisition process. The HerikVerhulst team (Aziza Kaddouri and Eric Spreij) advised on the legal aspects of the acquisition, including the legal due diligence and transaction documentation. Crossminds performed the financial and tax due diligence, together with Moore DRV.

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