Made-to-Measure men's shoe brand based on 3D scanning technology

Tailor made Italian dress shoes for men | Webshop is ready for launch


Massimo Mioretti is a Benelux company in the affordable luxury market with an attractive made-to-measure men’s shoe brand.

Business model
Redefined luxury with a disruptive model by making customised, premium-quality shoes accessible to the mainstream market. Manufactures made-measure shoes by using 3D digital foot scanning technology, backed by a unique algorithm to match feet measurements with shoe lasts (eg left & right different sizes).

Further personalization features including different colors, types of leather, adding initials, etc.

Sales through B2B (3rd-party retailers) and B2C (online) channels and delivery within 4-6 weeks

Online webshop with an actionable customer database (relevant measurements, personal details, etc) and proprietary back-end technology. Efficient and asset-light model, focusing on design, quality and marketing & sales 

Find a suitable partner (strategic / MBI) with financial capabilities to accelerate sales & marketing.

Reason to sell
The current entrepreneur wishes to sell the company due to personal circumstances.

Offered shares
The selling entrepreneur wants to adjust in mutual agreement what is being sold exactly.

Transaction form
The selling party prefers an asset transaction, in which you will become owner of (a part of) the possessions of the company. 


€ 1.000.000

Aantal Fte



Niet locatie gebonden


Detailhandel, IT, online & e-commerce

Type Klanten

B2B en B2C





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