Banning advises TMI's CEO and founder with the sale to House of HR


Banning is very proud to be able to advise the current CEO and founder of TMI, Noël de Vries, with the sale of TMI to House of HR and its post-closing reinvestment.

The deal team consists of Henk Brat and Jan Willem Reesink. Other Banning colleagues involved in this transaction are Astrid Booijink, Stéfanie van Creij, Peter Kruit and Jasper Huiskes.

TMI, headquartered in Amsterdam, is one of the largest HR service providers in the Netherlands and the leading provider of healthcare staffing and recruitment services in the Netherlands for hospitals, public care institutions, ambulance staff, nursing homes, and other healthcare settings. House of HR is a leading services group active in the world of HR.

In this transaction, Banning worked closely together with Vondel Finance (Frank de Lange, Daan Haeck, Bas Denissen and Michaël Bayer).
Banning congratulates Noël de Vries, TMI and House of HR with the closing of this transaction.

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