Investor Berk Partners private equity acquires a stake in HSU from Eindhoven

Investor Berk Partners private equity acquires a stake in HSU from Eindhoven


Investment fund Berk Partners has acquired a substantial interest in HSU Groep BV, based in Eindhoven, as of 30 June 2021. HSU focuses on the preparation and cleaning of public transport vehicles and on specialist cleaning, such as graffiti removal, road surface cleaning and façade cleaning. The services go beyond just cleaning the public transport buses. HSU takes care of refuelling, shunting and changing fluids for the buses, among other things, aiming to relieve the public transport operators of all their worries.


HSU is the specialist in the field of relieving public transport operators with an extensive experienced network of cleaners. The buses are refuelled, cleaned and shunted outside of the timetable. This enables the public transport operator to guarantee clean and punctual buses. If necessary, the buses and trains are also cleaned during the timetable. For HSU, this high-quality service has resulted in long-term partnerships with various public transport providers throughout the Netherlands.

The use of public transport is on the rise in the Netherlands, with the exception of the Covid-19 period, which means there is a growing demand for cleaning. HSU serves about half of all regional public transport in the Netherlands and is growing in service offering and in the number of public transport concessions that it serves. Despite Covid-19 and the cancellation of public transport lines, the company has continued to grow as the need for hygiene has increased.

HSU bears its responsibility for the environment in line with the ESG objectives of investment company Berk Partners. HSU uses cleaning products that spare the environment and HSU is a licensed training company for maximum commitment to its employees. HSU therefore closely follows the development of sustainable, biodegradable and recycled materials and will – wherever possible and desirable – use these products and present the various options to customers.


The transaction is a pre-exit. As of 30 June 2021 Berk Partners Groeifonds has joined as a shareholder. Current owners and directors Sertan Urganci and Hüseyin Taskent will continue to be the driving force behind HSU after the transaction and will focus on further expanding the company in the coming years. Both entrepreneurs are known as very driven managers and capable directors with extensive knowledge of the niche in which HSU operates.

Sertan Urganci foresees interesting growth opportunities. “With the involvement of Berk Partners we can expand further internationally, professionalise and the networks of Berk Partners will become available to HSU. Urganci says.

The collaboration with Berk Partners is a conscious choice, says Hüseyin Taskent. “This cooperation offers us the opportunity to further concentrate on the commercial side and to build on the company’s potential, whereby Berk Partners will support us in further shaping growth. Berk Partners has a lot of experience with growing companies in the past.”

Berk Partners (Willem Kamps):

“HSU fits well with our investment policy. HSU operates in an attractive growth market and takes a leading position in it. The incumbent management has a very good track record. With the increasing focus on quality in this sector, HSU’s role will only increase.”

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