ECFG - I-Projects Groep


SOLUTIONS30 strengthens its position in the Netherlands thanks to the acquisition of 51% of I-Holding BV, the parent company of I-Projects Group. Relying on a network of 130 technicians, this company generates a turnover of nearly € 11 million.

The acquisition of I-Projects Group therefore enables the SOLUTIONS30 group to consolidate its development base in the Netherlands and to offer its new subsidiary the necessary resources to realize its development potential. Founded in 2013, I-Projects Group offers a wide range of local services in diversified business sectors: telecommunications, IT, energy, retail and security.

I-Projects Group has developed rapidly in strategic markets, particularly the installation of smart meter and FTTH (Fiber-To-The-Home) activities. With 20% of households connected in 2018 and a tripling of the number of subscribers expected by 2025, the Netherlands is a significant growth reserve for the group as a second wave of deployment of FTTH networks begins.

I-Projects Group has access to other fast-growing markets: charging stations for electric vehicles and connected objects that will be at the heart of smart cities.