Independent research and consultancy company

Specialized in the industrial- and construction industry
Independent research and consultancy company, specialized in the industrial and construction industry. Come in contact via Brookz

€ 1.400.000


EBITDA € 100.000




West Nederland


Industrie & productie
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The Company is an independent research and consultancy company, specialized in the industrial and construction industry. The Company has sole access to a self-developed state-of-the-art and fully operational laboratory to conduct its tests from. An independent third party set the book value of the laboratory at approximately € 1.7 million. It is the intention to sell 100% of the shares of the Company.

Inspection has approx. 15 employees (12 FTE), excluding the current shareholders. Most of the employees have been working for the Company for more than ten years. For this reason Inspection is independent from the current shareholders and can be transferred easily to a third party.

The Company is located in the north-west of the Netherlands. If it is desired, the premises can be included in the possible transaction. If desired, the Company is movable to another location.

Investment considerations
The mix of both the consultancy- and the laboratory activities, give the Company a competitive advantage in complex projects, as they are able to advice and conduct the research itself.

Reason to sell
The current entrepreneur has reached an age on which he/she wishes to sell the Company. 

Offered shares
The selling party wishes to sell the full Company (100%). 

Transaction form
The selling entrepreneur prefers a shares transaction, on which you become shareholder of the current Company. 

Suitable for
The Company is interesting for strategic buyers/investors as well as for entrepreunerial MBI candidates with knowledge of the sector. 

More information?
For interested parties, an information memorandum with more in-depth information is available. 

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