The system is suited for vehicles with combustion engine, hybrid engine and full electric engine.

The company has developed an innovative variable transmission system for vehicles. Come in contact via Brookz


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The company has developed an innovative variable transmission system for vehicles.

The system is suited for>vehicles with combustion engine, hybrid engine and full electric engine. The significant lower energy consumption is of great importance in the race towards lower CO2 emissions.

New transmission
This new transmission system also comes with a lower manufacturing cost compared to all existing transmission systems and offers an enhanced driver's experience.

The technology has been tested with succes in prototypes and the company is now engaged in negotiations with established companies for series production  starting in 2021. The elapse time of 24 - 30 months is common for car manufacturers to pass all prescribed validation procedures and to set up production facilities before vehicles, equiped with the new technology, can be released in high volumes to the market.

Market lauch
To bridge the period until market launch, the company seeks to raise its capital with 4 mln € in return for new shares. The capital is intended for custom prototypes necessary in the above validation cycles and for additional engineers needed to support customers in their preparation of series production.

The technology behind is patented. The inventor has 25 years of experience as chief design engineer of leading transmission manufacturers.

Offered shares
The selling entrepreneur wishes to adjust what is exactly is being sold in mutual agreement with the buying party. 

Transaction form
The selling entrepreneur prefers a shares transcaction, in which you becom shareholder of current company.

Suitable for
The company is interesting for strategic buyers/investors. The company is also interesting for entrepreunerial MBI candidates with knowledge of the sector. 

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