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CataWiki-like internationaal veiling systeem

Gericht op de kunstwereld in de brede zin


The world’s largest online auctions aggregator: average 300.000 live lots available daily with the following characteristics:

  • Allround view of the art market from a single portal: Direct links to reputable auction houses, art galleries and certified collectors worldwide
  • Advanced listing and searching services: Focused multi-keyword searches
  • Overview of the full life cycle of a Lot: Upcoming - Sold - Aftersale
  • Synergic cluster of services to Collectors: Search - Compare - Buy - Sell - Invest
  • Extremely cost-efficient operations: optimal use of financial resources to optimize scalability
  • Complementary team know how (IT - Art - Finance)
  • Solid experience in the auction market for art & luxury
  • 99% software in house (crawlers, search engine, design, email system, account management, blog)
  • Growing network of partners (auction houses, bidding platforms, content providers, related services)

Reason for sell
The current entrepreneur wants to finance further grow of the company by selling a part of the shares. 

Offered share
The selling entrepreneur wants to adjust what is being sold exactly in mutual agreement. 

Transaction form
The selling entrepreneur points out to be open for as well 1) a Share transaction as 2) an Asset transaction. This will be agreed on in a conversation. 

Suitable for
This company is interesting for strategic buyers/investors. The company is also interesting for entrepreneurial MBI candidates with knowledge of the sector. 

€ 1,000,000
Aantal FTE
West Nederland
IT, online & e-commerce
Type klanten
B2B en B2C