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Cybersecurity company with an S-WaaS product

Development of cybersecurity software for WiFi networks and management in the cloud


The company is a startup founded in 2014 and has been developing the product and technology for 4 years. It has five patents presented, three of which have been granted for Europe, America and Latin America. The company has always been financed with the personal investment of its original founders. It has no bank liabilities and the particular investment of its founders from the outset has been more than 4M euros.

The company currently has the product "Prototype" installed as a pilot for different clients. The target markets are SMEs and Home. In The SME market the implementation focus will be on companies with major security needs (Public Registers, law firms, Health, Insurance, Hotels, Restaurants, etc.).

The company has developed a unique technological solution based on the creation of digital identities, what It is used to control the access to the network by means of a very simplified and very competitive infrastructure. The company offers:

  • Advanced system of AAA Authentication, Authorization and Accounting) in the first network segment.
  • Protection from layer 2 of OSI model guaranteeing the integrity of communications.
  • Identification system based on a 4-factor link that cannot be supplanted: User, Port, IP and Mac Products

Pay-per-use service
The product is a pay-per-use service. Through a monthly fee, customers will have a router that provides them a secure network environment to all devices connected to it, and additionally a comprehensive set of security services as stated above: Continuous authentication service, new devices detection, profiling, granular security policy mapping and configuration, secure network services, activity monitoring, threat detection, etc, which can evolve to concentrate more security services , Cyber Intelligence, etc. These services are, no doubt, a differentiating key factor against all market competitors in WaaS in this moment.

Exit strategy/Opportunity
The main current shareholder has long provided the financing for the development of the company, what has led to achieve a fully functional initial product. However, the company must look for a strategic partner that will allow a fast, voluminous and international time to market.

The main shareholder feels that a new Partner Investor (SPI) must take over and provide the long-term strategy, international marketing and sales, the development of the company and simultaneously provide an outlet for the main shareholder.

A merger with a company already existing in the market, with similar objectives, even more ambitious, could be the ideal accelerator to quickly expand in the market with a unique solution, effective and in a market of high expectations of growth such as it is WaaS  (Secure WIFI as a Service).

Reason to sell
The current entrepreneur is looking for a (strategic) partner to expand the company in conjunction. 

Offered share
The selling party wants to determine what is being sold in agreement with the buyer. 

Transaction form
The selling party points out to be open for as well 1) a shares transaction as well 2) asset transaction. This will be in mutual agreement. 

Suitable for
The company is interesting for strategic buyers and investors.

Aantal FTE
Midden Spanje
IT, online & e-commerce
Type klanten
B2B en B2C