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Industrial/automotive company searches for stakeholders

Company that designs, manufactures and supplies mechanical trailer steering systems


The company is an independent supplier and has the ability to market and to sell to all trailer manufacturers throughout Europe and the rest of the world. The product is unique and patented and the only machanical linear system to control 1 to 4 axles; the system provides significant enhanced trailer maneuverability, cost savings and significant enviromental credentials.

We are currently looking for interested parties/people who would like to invest in a company that designs, manufactures and supplies fully patented mechanical linear axle steering systems for semi trailers in the commercial vehicle marketplace.

Reason for sell
The current entrepreneur want to finance further grow of the compay by selling a part of his shares.

Offered shares
The selling entrepreneur want to point out in mutual agreement what exactly is being sold.

Transaction form
The selling entrepreneur prefers an shares transaction, in which you become shareholder of the current company.

Suitable for
The company is interesting for strategic buyers/investors. The company is as well interesting for entrepreunerial MBI candidates with knowledge of the sector. 

€ 800,000
Nettowinst € 41,000
Aantal FTE
Zuid Nederland
Automotive, transport & logistiek
Type klanten
B2B en B2C